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Grout Protector



Protects Joints Against Dirt, Water And Limescale.

• Waterproofs

• Easy-To-Apply

GROUT•PROTECTOR is a transparent, impregnating product for the treatment of tile joints on the walls of bathrooms, showers or kitchens. GROUT•PROTECTOR penetrates deeply into the adhesive substances (coloured or not) separating the tiles, making them water- and dirt-proof, protecting against humidity and consolidating the surfaces it is applied onto. It can be used on all non-porous ceramic tiles (not suitable for natural stone or terracotta). Goes on easy and fast, thanks to its foam tip with pressure valve which allows for a regular application of the product onto the joints.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: Clean and de-grease surfaces before applying. In the case of mildew stains, it is recommended to pre-treat with a specific Saratoga Mildew Remover. Shake the bottle well before using. To apply, proceed as follows:

• Press the tip between one tile and the other, running the red valve down the centre of the joint.

• Apply light and constant pressure on the bottle container.

• Then, with the tip pointed downward, complete the entire joint from the bottom up (see the illustration on the side).

• After every four joints completed, press the tip without moving it for five to ten seconds, without applying pressure on the bottle container.

• Let it dry for approximately two hours. Remove any excess product with a moist, slightly abrasive sponge.

• Shine surfaces with a soft, dry cloth.

It is recommended to repeat the treatment every six months in order to guarantee the impregnating effect. Surfaces can be cleaned with regular detergent.

EAN Code:
8 005860 571099
125 ml