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Express Concrete Sealer



Express Concrete Sealer is a one-component high-performance paintable acrylic sealant in water dispersion. Solvent-free, ready to use, to be applied with caulking gun. The granular appearance typical of the mortar, has filling power and is ideal for indoor and outdoor use.

Ideal for: cracks in walling, repairs on concrete parts belonging to old walls, filling holes cracks and crevices on brick and stones, plastering on stone, tiles and chipped edges, excellent adhesion on most common building surfaces (concrete, stone, masonry, mortar); can be used as a plaster on roof tiles. Can be used also on slightly humid surfaces, it is resistant to rain, high and low temperatures; can be weathered.

Surfaces must be clean  and free from dust and grease. Particularly pasty structure, apply using a good quality sealant gun  such as Saratoga ST PRO 1K or 2K Saratoga SK S-Pro and a pre-cut V notched nozzle with 10 mm diameter such as the one provided. When used on very dry or porous surfaces, spray a small quantity of water on the surface before the application. For better adhesion in filling cavities, press firmly (within 5 minutes after application) with a tool in order to get to a better adhesion. Colour grey RAL 7030. Paintable and sandable 12 hours after the application. Care must be taken to protect the sealant from rain for 2 hours in hot weather and for at least 24 hours in cold weather. Do not apply on frozen surfaces, not suitable for underwater applications or in continuous contact with water. Not suitable for expansion joints. Not suitable on bituminous surfaces, on uncoated metal surfaces. Protect from frost.

Thixotropic, non-sags, it is ideal for use in both horizontal and vertical surfaces. Working time: 5 minutes; hardening speed: 6-12 h depending on the humidity, the temperature and the applied thickness; application temperature: +5/+40°C; temperature resistance: -25/+80°C; resistance to UV and weathering: excellent; solid part: approx 85%.

Express Concrete Sealer Display-Box
EAN Code:
8 005860 852730
310 ml