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Universal Degreaser



Saratoga UNIVERSAL DEGREASER rapidly eliminates all those types of dirty grease that a common cleaner is not able to remove. Its concentrated formula assures maximum-satisfaction results, easily and quickly. The product can be employed in the cleaning of kitchen and bathroom tops, cutting surfaces, extractor hoods, grills, sinks and wash-basins, frying pans, work surfaces, utensils, textiles and, in general, any object or surface that requires a deep cleaning. Saratoga UNIVERSAL DEGREASER is a professional-quality product and can also be successfully employed in laboratories, offices, public places, cleaning companies and in every field of hobby-work. The product is lemon-scented so as to provide all environments with a pleasant sensation of cleanliness and freshness.

Instructions for use: Spray on surface to be cleaned at a distance of approximately 35 cm.; allow it to act for a few seconds, then remove residues with a cloth or wet sponge. Rinsing not necessary.  With more resistant grease, wait a few minutes before wiping with the cloth. Once finished, dry with a soft, dry cloth. Use as pre-treatment of stains on textiles: (Before employing, always test on a hidden edge of the material). Spray the product on the affected area and

proceed with the normal washing of the article by hand or in the washing machine. Do not use on delicate clothing. Keep out of range of children. Contains (Reg. CE 648/2004): <5% non-ionic Surfactants, Scents.

EAN Code:
8 005860 750913
500 ml