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Sealing Tape For Sanitary Installations



SEALANT FOR SANITARY permanently and elegantly seals cracks existing between the floor and the base of the toilet, bidet and the column of the washbasin, thus preventing the circulation of unpleasant odors and the possible settlement of undesirable insects.

SEALANT FOR SANITARY is easy to apply, fast and clean, since it replaces the traditional use of white cement or chalk, and also makes the results of the work last longer, since the product does not chap over time.

SEALANT FOR SANITARY is impermeable and impervious to mould and its highly flexible plastic film always turns out shiny and easy to clean.

SEALANT FOR SANITARY has a special highly adaptable section which, penetrating deep down into the crack, attaches strongly to its edges; in this way maximum adhesion can be assured and maintained, even on particularly curved and/or concave surfaces.


• Thoroughly clean the contact surfaces, taking care to degrease them well (you can use alcohol or acetone). Remove any traces of silicone that may be present with appropriate equipment or chemical products such as Saratoga Remover for hardened silicone.

• Unroll 5-10cm of SEALANT FOR SANITARY and begin application from a hidden spot (in this way the point of joining will remain invisible), positioning the “point” of the tape on the crack and press. Continue in this way for the entire edge to be sealed and cut only at the end, in such a way as to make the two edges meet perfectly.

• When the application operation is finished, rub the plastic film with your fingertips, taking care to maintain constant pressure. In this way you can improve both adhesion and the final appearance.

EAN Code:
8 005860 574182
mm 10x300 cm