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Adhesive tapes and weather stripping




Saratoga WARMER is the thermoplastic self-adhesive trim, ideal for insulating doors and windows, perfect against all external atmospheric agents.Saratoga WARMER is flexible, water-proof, washable.Saratoga WARMER is suitable for all-size slits (from 1 to 7 mm.), is easy and fast to apply and is long-lasting.

• Insulates against heat and cold.

• Resists over 100,000 open-close cycles.

• Enhanced durability thanks to its dimensional stability and the elasticity of materials used.

• Washable with the most common detergents.

Instructions for use: Clean, de-grease (with alcohol) and carefully dry the surface where the trim is to be applied. Little by little, remove the protective band from the adhesive strip, then apply the trim, pressing strongly to ensure optimal adherence.Apply the trim without pulling on it, as shown in the illustration, so as to avoid any potential overlapping during the sticking process.Perform the operation on all sides of the fixture.Minimum application temperature: 5˚C.

Attention: Verify the resistance of any paint present on the surface to be insulated, so as to avoid removing it in the course of applying the WARMER.

EAN Code:
8 005860 909984
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