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Neofer - Rust Converter




NEOFER is the rust converter that allows for perfect painting only 15-20 minutes (at 20°C) after applying, with no sanding necessary. 

NEOFER provides a top degree of protection. Its smooth, elastic film allows for painting to take place even at an interval of several months.

NEOFER does not dust or drip off after applying.

What’s more, NEOFER comes with a “clean use” basin and brush.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: eliminate from surfaces any non-adherent sections or traces of grease. Apply NEOFER abundantly, especially on rusted areas. Do not dip the brush directly into the bottle or pour any left-over liquid back into it. Application temperature: from 5 to 40°C. At temperatures of at least 20°C, painting of any kind may take place after only 15-20 minutes. For lower, exterior temperatures (no lower than 5°C), wait for the product to dry completely (up to 24 hours) before painting. Painting may take place as soon as NEOFER is dry, or up to several months later.

Avoid freezing.

APPLICATION: By brush, spray or roller.

CLEANING: While the product is still fresh, with a moist cloth; when dry, with acetone.

WARNINGS: Keep out of reach of children.

EAN Code:
8 005860 540019
50 ml