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Resin Bond



Polyester For Impregnation. For parts that need repair and reconstruction on trailers, campers, autos, vans and boats. Excellent also for modeling and for the repair of cavities or holes caused by rust, on any kind of body, both metallic and in fiberglass-reinforced plastic, unfinished or varnished, once sanded. After drying, RESIN BOND can be sanded, varnished, bolted and perforated. HOW TO USE: Surfaces to be treated must be sanded, cleaned and degreased.

Withdraw the amount needed for the application and catalyze it by adding from 1 to 3% of Saratoga HARDEN BOND hardener, depending upon environmental temperature and the hardening time desired. Mix the two components very well. The mixture obtained must be spread with a brush onto the fiberglass cloth, until perfectly impregnated. Workability and application time: approx. 7 minutes at 20°C.

The plaster is sandable after 20-30 minutes. STORE IN A COOL PLACE.

EAN Code:
8 005860 544369
500 ml