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Carnauba Wax For Natural Wood



Saratoga CARNAUBA WAX for wood floors is the ideal combination of natural waxes and special-component synthetic additives, providing protection, elasticity and shine to natural or varnished-wood floors. 

Before applying the product: clean floors thoroughly with a cleanser for parquet floors. In the case of deteriorated surfaces or those in need of restoration, use a suitable wax remover in order to soften up the preceding coats of wax, clean off any dirt and dissolved wax and rinse thoroughly. Let the floor dry completely before proceeding with the waxing.

Instructions for use: shake before using. Pour a small amount of wax directly onto the clean floor (a little more if the floor is unfinished) and apply with a clean cloth. Let it dry for a few minutes and shine with a soft-brush or felt floor polisher, or by hand with a wool cloth.

EAN Code:
8 005860 431256
1000 ml