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Il Chiodo Fisso Plus

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IL CHIODO FISSO PLUS is a new water based adhesive with an excellent adhesiveness, that allows eliminating in most cases the use of nails, plugs and screws. IL CHIODO FISSO PLUS is transparent, varnished, anti-mould, for inner and external use. It does not contain solvents, odourless and has a very good gap filling capacity. It can be used for a lot of the common materials even if they are not perfectly matching between the like: plaster, wood, polystyrene foam, MDF, stone, marble, varnished metal, cork, chalk, plasterboard, rigid PVC (on exclusion of Ptfe, Pp, Pe). IL CHIODO FISSO PLUS is indicated for fixing: baseboards, decorated and insulating panels, rosettes, plates and decorations, ornamental gold tooling, for the restoration of tiles, linoleum composite covering, PVC, carpets, etc.

TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS: Thixotropic, non sag. Tooling time 10 min*. Curing time 24-48 h*. Application temperature +5/+40C. Temperature resistance -30/+80C. (*These values can undergo variations

compared to the surfaces, the temperature, humidity and the quantity applied).

APPLICATION: At least one of two surfaces must be porous. It is applied with gun on the compact surfaces, cleaned and dried, dust free and greaseless. Apply it on one of the parts to join, pressing with strength in uniform mode. The parts can be positioned again within 5 minutes. Apply it in spot gluing or zigzag seam or

in “X” modes. It does not require clamps or fixed supports except in the presence of very heavy materials. Is inadvisable the use of the product on unvarnished metal surfaces, bituminous surfaces, or in permanent contact with water or high humidity. Prevent it from the frost.

Cleaning: With water within 10 minutes; when hardened you can remove it with a blade.

Warning: Keep out of reach of children.

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8 005860 576209
280 ml
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8 005860 576230
125 ml