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Adhesive tapes and weather stripping

American Tape

Due to its extraordinary characteristics it has become indispensable in any environment and for any activity.


Adhesive protects from the cold, draughts and dampness.

Packing Tape

Adhesive tape to seal and pack boxes and carton boxes.


Adhesive ideal for the perfect insulation of doors and windows.


It is a special marking tape ideal for car bodywork, construction and for any type of paintwork.

Black Self

Black self-adhesive trim tape.

Reinforced Tape

It is appropriate for heavy packages.

Salva Calor

Reflects radiator heat out into the room and prevents heat loss through the walls.

Nastro Plastivil

It is a self-extinguishing adhesive tape for insulating electrical wires.

Para Porta

Adhesive draught excluder with brush for door bottoms in rigid pvc.

Adhesive Tape

Strong, resistant to aging.


Special self-stick, anti-slip tape for inclined, slippery or otherwise dangerous surfaces.

Powerful Montage

Maintains its adhesion, plasticity, flexibility and elasticity over time.

Special Double-Sided Tape

For mirrors and heavy loads.  

Special Double-Sided Tape

Easy, rapid and long-lasting adhesion, without the need for screws and nails.

Biadesivo Texil

Special Double-Sided Gaffer Tape • Floor Coverings • Carpeting.

Biadesivo PPL

Special double-sided polypropylene tape.

Nastro Maschera 14 PRO

Professional masking tape • ideal for exteriors.

Alluminio Laccato

Lacquered aluminium adhesive tape.

Stretch Film & Stretch Man

Stretch Film is an extendible film in transparent and black LLDPE.

Mini Film 123-0,27 & Knob

It is a transparent 3-layer co-extruded.


Especially for air-conditioning units.


Self-Adhesive weatherstrip for doors and windows


To signal risk situations