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Gran Classe products

Stripping Floors

Ideal for the elimination of waxes from any type of hard floor.

Transparent Wax For Venetian Plaster

Top-quality paste wax which provides excellent results for the finishing of decorated walls.  

Carnauba Wax For Natural Wood

Natural waxes and special-component synthetic additives, providing protection, elasticity and shine to natural or varnished-wood floors.

Self-Shine Metallic Wax

Scented anti-slip wax made with metallic polymers.

Special Self-Shine Wax

Is ideal for restoring the beauty of Florentine terracotta and maintaining it over time.

Wood Restorer

Is the fruit of an ancient and never-bested recipe for deeply toning old and antique wood.

Oil Reviving

Is a top-quality product formulated to penetrate the fiber of wood to provide long-lasting nourishment and protection.

Wood Cream

Ideal for brightening and bringing out the warm beauty of natural wood furniture.

Solid Wax

Is the ideal mixture of top-quality, pure virgin waxes.

Antiquarian Wax

Top-quality product, the fruit of an expert mixing of virgin beeswax and carnauba wax.

Wax Spray

Is the ideal mixture of top-quality, highly-pure virgin waxes.


For invisible restorations of wood surfaces.

Wood Retoucher

Returns the original color to wood surfaces.

Furniture Wax Remover

To remove old layers of wax from wooden surfaces effectively.


Two-component Wood Filler

Wood Filler

Saratoga WOOD FILLER is the single-component product that quickly and definitively eliminates chips, defects, holes and cracks from wood surfaces.