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Greenhome products


Makes any steel surface shine.


Cleans and shines all silver and brass surfaces, giving them back their originale brightness.


Specific product for cleaning all objects made of copper and brass.


Eliminates every trace of oxidation and dirt.  

Lime Remover

Dissolves all traces of limestone.

Special Detergent

Special cleaning product for use both by hand and in the washing machine.

WC Cleaner

Remove all traces of fouling.

Drains Opener Gel

Free the pipes without damaging them.

Universal Degreaser

Rapidly eliminated all those types of dirty grease that a common cleaner is not able to remove.

Clean Oven

Eliminates with ease every trace of dirt from ovens.

Hygenic Repellant For Cats And Dogs

Changes the hygienic habits of cats and dogs in a short period of time.

Dust & Shine

Restores the shine and splendour to all types of wood furniture.

Dust Remover

Dust remover product for home cleaning.

Glass Cleaner

Cleans and shines glass

Chandelier Cleaner

Eliminates all fatigue from the cleaning of drop chandeliers.

Hygienizer For A/C Systems

To eliminate the foul odours that form after prolonged use of an air conditioner.

GreenHome Dry Stain Remover

Dry Stain Remover