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Insulating Primer For Polystyrene


Modalità di applicazione e istruzioni


Caratteristiche Tecniche


HappyColor INSULATING PRIMER FOR POLYSTYRENE, matte light grey coloured, creates a protective coat for polystyrene surfaces that have to be varnished with the most common solvent spray varnishes. Ideal for all polystyrene surfaces, such as stands, panels, false ceilings, do-it-yourself objects, etc.

Use can at 20-25°C. Shake can energetically upside down for a minute. Spray at 20 cm distance, keeping the can vertically, and shaking it occasionally. Apply slight and crossed coats: second coat at any time. An even covering, without breaks, is necessary for an excellent protective and insulating effect. It is recommended to apply at least 6 coats (3 crossed coats). For a better protection on irregular surfaces, apply several coats. It dries to the touch in 10-15 minutes; dries completely after 24-36 hours. Can be painted with finishing sprays, HappyColor Sprays,  after 2-3 hours. Apply the varnish with slight and crossed coats: with an abundant coat, an aggression to the styrofoam can happen.

With self-cleaning valve. Clean varnish with acetone and/or nitro diluent.

Yield: 0,5-0,7mq