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Adhesive Sealant In Tape




FORZA SIGILLANTE is the high-thickness adhesive sealant in tape that instantly seals, with a secure and permanent hold, cracks, fissures, breaks and junctures, even if present on irregular surfaces; thus avoiding the expensive damage caused by seepages and leaks.FORZA SIGILLANTE has been designed to resolve even the most difficult sealing tasks, both indoors and outdoors, for which it can also be applied in several superimposed layers; in addition to resisting the elements and pollutants, ultraviolet rays, and abrasions (it is not to be walked on but may be stepped on occasionally). Thanks to its special composition in acrylic foam, it remains elastic and flexible in order to absorb vibrations, and counteracts the temperature swings to which it is exposed, all without cracking or crumbling; the same composition permits high adaptability for the tape, making it easier to use and longer-lasting on contours where it is applied, whether they are riveted, or fixed with screws or nuts.FORZA SIGILLANTE can be painted over with water-based or solvent- based paints, even though it is originally semi-transparent, offering a natural "cover-up" of the repair work.FORZA SIGILLANTE is the perfect product both for the professional and the hobbyist; it does not dirty hands and surfaces since it is a tape, always ready to use since it does not dry or harden, it works well with equipment, does not need instruments for application, guarantees esthetically satisfying and high-quality results, and does not leave packaging to be disposed of in the trash. The product can be applied to plastics (excluding non-stick materials such as Teflon®), metals, glass and painted wood. For use on cement and mortar it is recommended to apply in advance one or more coats of fixative. Do not use on crumbly or chalk-like surfaces, and do not use on pipes under continuous pressure (such as gas). The product also sticks to slightly dirty and damp surfaces, although it is always suitable to carry out proper cleaning before application.

Tape mm 38x1,5 m in Pall Box
EAN Code:
0 000000 000000
30 blister