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Foams and sealants




One-component acrylic sealant in aqueous dispersion which adheres perfectly to porous materials used in construction, even if temporarily wet, such as masonry-work, concrete, wood, etc. It is paintable, for use both inside and out. Use for: Seal casings, doors and windows, walls, stairs, pre-fabricated panels, fissures and cracks in masonry-work.  Application: The surfaces must be clean, dry and degreased. Prepare the surfaces to be treated and apply the masking tape (Saratoga Vernimask) to outline the edges (remove immediately after sealing). Cut the nozzle to the desired diameter. Extrude the product with the provided key; within 10 minutes, smooth with a spatula moistened with water. Hardening time: 1-2 weeks. Application temperature: +5°C/+40°C. The sealant must be protected from the rain or water in general for two hours after application in warm environments and for at least twenty-four hours in cold environments. Not recommended for use in areas with foot traffic, on bituminous surfaces, on unpainted metallic surfaces and on joints immersed in water. Avoid freezing.

EAN Code:
8 005860 852044
60 ml