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Drains Opener Gel



DRAINS OPENER GEL frees up clogged piping without having to call in the plumber. Now even more effective: its gel formula improves the adhesion of the product on pipe walls. Does not harm discharges or the chromium plating with which it comes into contact.

Its safety cap reduces the possibility of accidental use.

Instructions for use: Completely blocked discharge (presence of stagnant water): pour half a bottle (500 ml.) and wait 30 minutes; if the problem persists, repeat the operation and wait until the discharging functions perfectly. Partially-clogged discharge: pour a quarter of the contents (250 ml.) three times at intervals of 15-20 minutes. At the end of the operation, once discharge is normalized, run hot water for a few moments in order to improve the result.

To prevent future clogs and to maintain perfect hygiene: pour a small quantity of the product into the discharge every week.

DRAINS OPENER GEL does not damage piping, ceramics, steel, or chromium plating. Do not mix with other chemical products; avoid the use of suction cups.

EAN Code:
8 005860 750456
1000 ml