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Z19 - Edilnet



Saratoga Z19 eliminates all dust residues due to home restoration work or wall remodeling. Its special formula avoids dirt from compacting upon contact with washing water and allows all the residues to be cleaned up without leaving a trace.

Saratoga Z19 is for use on “hard” washable home surfaces where it eliminates traditional dirt, dust and light deposits on: cement, mortar, lime, plaster, stuccos and water paints. Saratoga Z19 can be used for post-placement cleaning of floors and tiles. Instructions for use: • Remove as much dirt as possible from the surface to be cleaned with a dry implement such as a broom, feather duster, cloth, etc. (be careful not to scratch the surfaces). • Dilute 1 part Saratoga Z19 to 9 parts water in a bucket. • Proceed with normal cleaning. • If used on marble, rinse very well; on other surfaces, only a light rinsing is necessary. Do not use the concentrated product directly on marble.

EAN Code:
8 005860 071254
1000 ml