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Fernovus Radiator Spray



FERNOVUS RADIATOR Spray is a shiny, acrylic/silicon-resin base enamel which resists heat up to 120°C. It does not yellow or peel. Can be applied directly onto rusted surfaces. Useful for: radiators, heaters, stovepipes, electric convectors, and all surfaces and objects subjected to heat.

Instructions for use: radiators must be turned off and cold. The surfaces are to be clean, dry, degreased and free of any non-adhering dust, grease or paint as well as any crumbling rust. Shake the cylinder well until the sound of the marbles can be heard in the interior, continuing to shake for another minute. FIRST COAT: apply the product in light, criss-crossed passes, holding the cylinder vertically and at a distance of 25-30 cm. For best, more uniform results, shake the cylinder occasionally during use. Optimal cylinder temperature is 20-25°C; do not use at temperatures less than 15°C. Dries to the touch in approximately one hour. SECOND COAT: can take place any time. Wait until the paint has completely hardened, at least 24 hours after application, before subjecting it to heat. Comes with self-cleaning valve. Paint removal: with acetone and/or cellulose thinner.

Bright White
EAN Code:
8 005860 885936
400 ml