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Saratoga Z12 is the paint that prevents the formation of mildew in all parts of the house. Thanks to the microspheres contained in its formula, it increases the thermal insulating power of walls, preventing the formation of condensation and the accumulation of moisture, which cause mildew, stains and bad odours. Saratoga Z12 is suitable for all areas that, due to internal humidity or exposure to the north, are subject to the formation of mildew.

Saratoga Z12 is warm to the touch, with a white, velvety colour, and can easily be coloured with the concentrated pigments used for latex paint so as to make the hue the same as that of the existing walls. Instructions for use: • Apply to clean, dry and compact surfaces. • Areas with mildew must be previously treated with Saratoga Z10, cleaned with water and left to dry. • On new walls, apply a coat of adhesive. • Dilute 20% with water; apply at least two coats of the product to obtain good thermal insulation (wait at least 6 hours between one coat and another). • For a smooth finish use a brush; for a textured finish use a roller. • Do not apply at temperatures less than +5°C. Keep from freezing. Cleaning: with water.

Yield per coat: Smooth finish: 3-3.5 m2/liters; Textured finish: 2-2.5 m2/liters.

EAN Code:
8 005860 071407
750 ml