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Adhesive tapes and weather stripping

Powerful Montage



Saratoga POWERFUL MONTAGE is the transparent, super-strong double-sided adhesive tape that maintains its adhesion, plasticity, flexibility and elasticity over time, even if used

out-of-doors. Saratoga POWERFUL MONTAGE is different from traditional products because it is 100% composed of an adhesivized,  viscoelastic,  closed-cell acrylic foam substance that guarantees superior results, Saratoga POWERFUL MONTAGE is indispensable and incomparable for adhesions subject to thermal, chemical and mechanical stress and can also provide a good alternative to mechanical adhesions, as it resists water, cleansers, solvents, plasticizers, oils and UV rays as well as sealing coupled parts, thus avoiding water infiltrations and drafts of air. Further, it compensates for the expansion and deformation caused by variations in heat.

It resists vibrations and shocks,  molding itself perfectly even to irregular surfaces.

Saratoga  POWERFUL  MONTAGE  does  not damage the surfaces it adheres to and can be used on: glass, hard stone and tiles, metals an metallic alloys, plastics (including PVC-PP-PE and nylon), composite materials, laminates, painted or varnished wood, etc. Saratoga POWERFUL MONTAGE can be used

for:  baseboards,  door/window  jambs,  fixed handles, hooks, crystal countertops, paneling of

furniture/appliances, matchboarding, mailboxes, business signs,  directional signs,  plaques,  cell phone carriers, automatic toll-payment cards, vehicle molding, etc.

APPLICATION: Clean and degrease surfaces where tape is to be applied  (do not apply on crumbly or non-cohesive surfaces, or surfaces that could come off).  Apply the tape onto the object to be affixed, remove the red protective film,  then  press  the  object  onto  its  support,

pressing hard. Adhesion between parts is immediate, though any  loads  should  only  be  placed  on  after  24 hours. N.B.: Do not touch the tape with your fingers, as it substantially reduces the tape’s adhesion

strength. Application temperature: from +10 to +40°C. Use temperature: from -40 to +120°C.

AMOUNT TO USE:  For  a  normal  wood  baseboard, 3-5 cm. of tape are used for every 30-40

cm. of baseboard. For heavier objects, the amount to be used goes up proportionally.

mm19x150cm Blister in Display Box
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