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Grafting And Pruning Mastic



Ready-to-use mastic for protecting plant wounds caused by pruning, grafting, accidental breakage, atmospheric agents, etc. Can be used on all vegetation, bushes and trees: forms a protective, elastic coating that does not hinder growth but rather facilitates the healing of wounds, while at the same time preventing the development of diseases and parasite attacks. Non-toxic and long-lasting. Easy to apply by spatula or brush: spread a thin layer of product in a uniform manner; the product will not drip. Forms film in one hour. For Grafts: spread mastic onto the graft to avoid contact with external agents. Not recommended during periods of intense cold or on rainy days.

For New Pruning And Wounds: prune with clean, slanted cuts to avoid stagnant water. For old wounds and broken branches, smooth out areas well and then apply the mastic, covering edges well.

EAN Code:
8 005860 541153
250 g