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La Colla Americana Extra Strong




La Colla Americana® Extra Strong is an MS polymer adhesive sealant that cures by means of humidity in the air. Odorless, anti- mildew and solvent-free, it can be painted over with water-based paints. It does not stain, and is specifically made for natural stone. Strongly adhesive even on wet surfaces, it provides excellent resistance to UV rays, atmospheric agents and seawater, and is also vibration resistant. Suitable for all construction-related gluing and sealing (not for expansion joint), door and window fitting, carpentry, metallic constructions, in the automobile and maritime industries and for industrial components.

TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS: Thixotropic, does not drip. Workability time: 10 min. Curing rate: 3 mm./24 hours (depending upon humidity, outside temperature and applied thicknss). Elongation at break: 250%. Application temperature: +5/+40°C. Temperature resistance: -40/+100°C. Joint movement accomodation: 25% max.

APPLICATION: Apply on clean and compact surfaces. Prepare the surface for treatment and edge with masking tape (remove immediately after application). Cut the nozzle to the desired diameter. Glue is applied with a gun. For glueing applications, apply adhesive in vertical and parallel lines, 10 mm. wide and 15-25 cm. apart (allows for ventilation).

CLEANING: In the first 10 minutes, with a cloth wet with solvent. Once hardened, remove with a blade.

EAN Code:
8 005860 576407
450 g