Eco-sustainability - Saratoga for Green Life

Eco-sustainability in the building area, means the conservation of natural and energy resources, the emission levels’ reduction and, thus, the improvement of indoor environmental quality.

Research, technology and sustainability all these should work together, according to the Saratoga approach. Our technicians have selected a number of fundamental key areas for sustainable actions, where we can intervene:

  • construction waste handling
  • recyclable packaging use
  • the use of materials which improve internal air quality, especially by reducing and eliminating dangerous substances and low-emitting materials (Toluene, VOC...)
  • use of products containing recycled raw materials
  • buildings’ reuse, maintenance of walls, floors, structural and non-structural elements and existing roofing
  • use of products improving indoor environmental quality and buildings’ thermal and acoustic performance

Thus was born the ‘Saratoga for Green Life’ project: the Saratoga For Green life logo marks all the products that truly contribute to the eco-sustainability of a project and the environment they are used in.