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Adhesives and glues

La Colla Americana Extra Strong

It is an MS polymer adhesive sealant that hardens by means of humidity in the air.

Il Chiodo Fisso Plus

It is a new water based adhesive with an excellent adhesiveness.

Assembly Glue

It is an adhesive of incomparable strength and fastness.

VIP Ipercolla

It is an acrylic based adhesive with exceptional initial grab.

Mastro d'ascia Kit

Wood construction kit. Dual component polyurethane adhesive plaster. Workable like wood.


Adhesive that solves all your problems on practically all of the most common-use materials.

Colla Spray Universale

A superior-quality adhesive, indispensable both for the professional and the hobbyist.

Colla Spray Riposizionabile

Universal, top-quality spray adhesive providing transparency, adhesion and long-lastingness.

Colla da Scrivania

Glue for gluing paper, cardboard, photos, fabric.

Unistop Rapido Riparatutto Metallo

Bi-component epoxy repair putty that hardens rapidly, even under water.

Muro Asciutto

Chemical barrier against rising damp


Does Not Stain - Does Not Streak

Neopiù Gel

Strong Hold - No Drip

Galaxi Plastiche Dure

Transparent - Resistant

Unigumm Rubber

Transparent - Flexible - Water Resistant


For Modelling


Clean - Transparent


Super-strong - Fast Grip In 4 Minutes

Unisumma - Unisumma Mix

Marble & Wood Power Welder

Wood Paste Filler

Wood Color - Sandable-overpaintable