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Car care, body-work and technical products

Pronto -22°C For Cooling Circuits

Liquid Pronto -22°C ensures anti-freeze action.


Unloose • Hydroextractor • Lubricant • Antioxidant

Lubricant • Unloose • Protective • Detergent • Antioxidant Water-Repellent

Starter Spray

Starting up your car engine will never be a problem again.

Multi-Use Reactivator

Multi-Use Reactivator restores electrical conductivity to wet circuits.

Super Unblocking Screwreleasing Oil

Penetrates • Lubricates • Removes moisture • Releases • Reactivates electrical contacts

Sylicon Spray U

Universal Protective Lubricant


Highly concentrated silicone-oil product with multi-purpose uses.

Gun Lubricant

Protective lubricant for guns which protects against rush, tarnishing and wear.

Pure Vaseline Oil

Pharmaceutical vaseline oil based lubricant.

1000-Use Lubricating Oil

To solve all of the small lubrication problems that arise daily at home, in the workshop, in the office and in your free time.

Dashboard Polish

It instantly cleans and polishes all surfaces in plastic.

Silicone Water Repellant

Repels both water and stains.

Dashboard Polish

Polishes, protects, restores.


Protects against and removes ice from glass, windows and windscreens.

Copper Grease Spray

Anti-seize lubricant made with micronised copper, which resists temperatures up to 1000°C.

Grease Lubricant Spray

Long-lasting, lithium-based spray with strong protection against corrosion and wear.

Contact Cleanser

Removes dust, coats of rust, layers of grease and welding flux from electrical and electronic machinery.


Removes paper or plastic adhesive labels, old tape, mastic or rubber solution residue, trim, non-hardened silicone and pen marks from any kind of surface.

Gas Leak Detector

Gas Leak Detector is the indispensable product for leak testing.

Compressed Air Spray

For removing dust, dirt and foreign bodies from hard-to-reach places.

Grasso Milleusi

Grease for any kind of use: white and creamy, easy to use, withstands temperatures between -30 e +120°C.


Powerful action on tough dirt, trustworthy on any surface.

Grafting And Pruning Mastic

Ready-to-use mastic for protecting plant wounds caused by pruning, grafting, accidental breakage, atmospheric agents, etc.

Metal Bond

For application with spatula directly upon degreased and sanded plating.

Fiber Bond

Polyester, glass-reinforced plastic stucco.

Resin Bond

Polyester for impregnation.

Mat Vitrosa - Vetroresina Kit

For the repair and reconstruction of campers, autos, vans and boats.


Polishing paste with high polishing power.

Luxor Polish

Luxor Polish combines an enhanced polishing.

Marble Bond

Polyester stucco for marble.

Professional Handwashing Liquid

Thanks to its powerful active ingredients, Professional Handwashing Liquid eliminates all traces of oil, grease, tar, petroleum and ink from your hands.

HD 350

Competition Motor Sealant

Grease Spray Chains

Grease Spray For Chains

Ptfe Lubricant

Zippers • Hinges• Cables • Slide guides

Schiuma Scorricavo

Wire Pulling Spray Lubricant