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Sticky Trap With Attractant For Clothes Moths.

Saratoga Tarm-Tak for clothes moths rapidly eliminates insects that nest in closets and dresser drawers, causing infestations in clothing. The attractant used lures adult moths into the trap, where they will be definitively captured, avoiding thus the appearance of larvae that feed on wool, silk, cotton and fur. Saratoga Tarm-Tak for Clothes Moths  is an environmentally-safe product as it is poison-free, odourless, is unalterable over time because it neither drips nor stains, and retains its effectiveness without interruption for up to 8 weeks against the horsehair moth, the fur moth, the rug moth, etc. Saratoga Tarm-Tak for Clothes Moths comes with a strip of two-sided tape which allows it to be placed on closet doors, walls or shelves inside furniture and dresser drawers; as needed, it can be laid flat or used in the form of a “box.” Instructions for use: open the silver-coloured pouch, taking care to keep it in good condition. Take out the trap and close the silver-coloured pouch back up with a piece of Scotch tape. Clean and de-grease the surfaces where the trap will be applied.To use the trap as a strip: remove the protective film from the two-sided tape and place the trap at the chosen spot. Then remove the protective film located over the sticky substance of the trap. To use the trap as a “box”: fold the trap on its two central parallel lines. Remove the protective film placed on the sticky substance of the trap, leaving the substance facing inward. Place the two end tabs of the trap at a 90° angle. Place the closing flap, located on one tab, into the slit located on the other. Remove the protective film from the two-sided tape and place the trap at the chosen spot.N.B: application in “box” form is not recommended on sliding closet doors, or in “strip” form in drawers. Take care that the trap’s sticky substance not come into direct contact with clothes, especially “fluffy” clothes to which the substance would become permanently stuck, ruining them irreparably.  Replace the trap every 8 weeks or when full of prey. Dispose of trap in a hygienic manner.

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8 005860 930094
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