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Mosk Tak



Sticky Fly Trap With Attractant.

Thanks to its special food-based attractant and bright colours, Saratoga Mosk-Tak Sticky Fly Trap attracts insects irresistibly into the trap, where their disagreeable presence will remain definitively hidden. The fruit-scented attractant is always ready to use, having been inserted directly into the adhesive substance, and has been specially formulated to act on the most common species of flies; it is also effective on other insects such as bedbugs, moths, fruit flies, etc. Saratoga Mosk-Tak Sticky Fly Trap is an environmentally-safe product as it is poison-free, is unalterable over time because it neither drips nor stains, and retains its effectiveness without interruption for up to 30 days.One trap protects a medium-sized room of approximately 12-15 square metres.

Instructions for use: open the silver-coloured pouch, taking care to keep it in good condition. Take out the trap and close the silver-coloured pouch back up with a piece of Scotch tape. Clean and de-grease the surfaces chosen for the application. Remove the protective film, protected by the two-sided tape applied on the trap, and place the trap at the lower corner of a window or French door. In the clear case of an infestation, two traps per window may be used. It is recommended to place the traps at the windows with the most light, the preferred spot for insects.Replace the trap every 30 days or once it is full of prey. Dispose of trap in a hygienic manner.

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8 005860 930063
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