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SNIFF eliminates unpleasant odours by acting directly upon all of the organic residues that cause them: its natural sanitizing action transforms the residue into water and carbon dioxide. It works perfectly on food remains, excrement and regurgitations, eliminating them quickly without staining or ruining surfaces, and tackling tough-odour problems at their source. It’s the ideal product for domestic surfaces and other critical areas where odours form around the home (rubbish bins and other disposal areas, shoe racks, animal litter boxes, etc.). SNIFF is not to be sprayed into the air as a deodorant, but rather directly onto the source of the odour.

Instructions for use: shake before using. Where the odour is persistent, spray every three-four days. When using SNIFF as a sanitising agent in exceptional circumstances, it is recommended first to remove as much of the offending substance as possible, then spray abundantly and cover with a damp cloth. The odour will disappear quickly and, in most cases, the stain will also disappear in the course of a day. For litter boxes, spray either into the empty box or directly upon the litter once added. Attention: SNIFF is not to be sprayed into the air, but directly onto the source of the odour. Do not use SNIFF in the refrigerator, on food or objects that come into contact with food. Before using it on coloured fabrics, test for colour stability on a hidden part of the fabric.

Avoid freezing. Store at temperatures above zero. 

EAN Code:
8 005860 431621
375 ml