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Rat-killers and bonfire range

Top Fix



Smeared on tablets, strips of paper, various supports, this product is used for the catching of mice, harmful animals and insects. It is particularly useful for use in domestic premises for stopping the entrance of ants, beetles, lizards, etc.; in agricul-tural use, if smeared in a ring round plants, it stops insects from climbing up them. Saratoga TOP•FIX is non poisonous, non inflammable, no smell, colourless, does not fear water or damp; fast and easy to apply. Saratoga TOP•FIX does not run and reaches its particular characteristics of permanent stick ness about half an hour after its appliance. Traces or spots left by Saratoga TOP•FIX are petrol soluble and can be easily removed. Keep out of reach of children.

Tube in Box
EAN Code:
8 005860 930100
135 g