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Rat-killers and bonfire range

Fire Extinguishing Foam



FALO’ FIRE EXTINGUISHING FOAM is used for the extinguishing of small fires at home or in the office, car, when camping, etc.

Exceptionally effective on solid materials such as wood, paper materials, furnishing textiles (curtains, armchairs, stuffed furniture), wood for burning, etc. Applied to the base of the flame from a very close distance, it suffocates the flame instantaneously without damaging the materials it comes in contact with.

FALO’ FIRE EXTINGUISHING FOAM does not remove colour or varnish and does not stain.

Instructions for use: Remove the cap and press the spray nozzle. Spray onto the base of the flame from an adequate distance until the flame is completely extinguished. Do not spray on electrical apparatuses or equipment (computers, light switches, junction boxes, electric motors, etc.)

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EAN Code:
8 005860 810600
500 ml