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Saratoga Z15 is the new washa- ble paint that definitively resolves the problem of damp walls or those with water infiltration, preventing the appearance of stains, blisters, peeling of the paint, detachment of plaster, bad odours or mildew.

Apply Saratoga Z15 directly on damp or crumbling walls in cement, plaster, stone, brick and tuff, with a brush or roller, thus consolidating them. Suitable for use both inside and out, even at temperatures below 0°C.

Saratoga Z15 has a white velvety appearance and a finish that is long-lasting and does not yellow, as it is impervious to the alkaloids present in plaster. It is also particularly resistant to abrasions.

Saratoga Z15 dries in 3 hours; its use makes cellars, garages, hot-water heater areas, basements and aboveground areas healthier.


Instructions for use: • Mix  well before using. • Detach and eliminate all non-adhering or crumbly pieces of plaster, blisters and any coats of varnish that are coming off. • Only for the first coat dilute 5-10% with turpentine, then proceed with the application of the product with a wide, flat brush or roller. • Wait until the product is completely dry (3 hours) and apply a second coat without diluting the product.

Cleaning of Tools: Immediately after use with turpentine.

EAN Code:
8 005860 071452
750 ml