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Saratoga SYNTOLINFA consolidates woods that have lost their structural coherency due to the attacks of atmospheric agents, pollution, insect infestations, mildew, fungus or aging. Saratoga SYNTOLINFA is absorbed deep into the fiber of the wood, reinforcing it and, thanks to the use of no-shrink, fast-drying resins, maintains the original shape of the treated wood without provoking undesired deformations. Saratoga SYNTOLINFA can be successfully applied to any type of wood, both inside and out, and permits any type of successive finishing treatment.Saratoga SYNTOLINFA is perfectly transparent and, once applied, does not alter the original color or tone of the wood in any way.Instructions for use: Clean the wood to be treated carefully, eliminating any trace of old varnish, oil, grease or wax. Use Saratoga SYNTOLINFA only on dry wood, taking care to brush it on uniformly and generously.  Best results after 2-3 coats (the wood becomes lightly translucent), waiting about 30 minutes between one application and the other. Let it dry before proceeding with any plastering and sanding. Then apply the perfect finish: varnish, wax,lacquer, etc. Water-based finishes such as varnishes, mordents, impregnators, etc. must be applied before the use ofSaratoga SYNTOLINFA.

N.B.: The product does not fill in any cavities present in the wood; in that case, it does not reconstruct the mecha-nical functionality of the treated sections. Under these conditions, the use of a structural stucco such as Saratoga EPOSSIDIC STUCCO FOR WOOD is recommended.

EAN Code:
8 005860 430198
1000 ml