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Hygenic Repellant For Cats And Dogs



Saratoga GreenHome® HYGENIC REPELLANT for cats and dogs changes the hygienic habits of cats and

dogs in a short period of time, keeping them away from areas not suitable for their needs. HYGENIC REPELLANT for Cats and Dogs eliminates the dirtying and undesirable odors in domestic and exterior environments such as: balconies, terraces, garages, cellars, gardens, alleys, barrier walls, sidewalks, railings, street lamps and tire rims. HYGENIC REPELLANT for cats and dogs is made with a vegetable-substance base. It is non-toxic and does not use propellant gases, thus it is a product that respects ecology and the environment.

Instructions for use: Shake before using. Spray uniformly on the surfaces to be protected; repeat the treatment if animals start to return to the area. For exterior surfaces repeat the treatment after every rainstorm or washout. If sprayed on textiles, preventatively test their resistance first on a hidden corner.

Keep out of reach of children.

EAN Code:
8 005860 750777
375 ml