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Happy Color Stucco



Happy Color STUCCO rapidly covers small scratches, prepares surfaces for varnishing with any type of varnish.  Adheres to any material, except nonstick materials, and can be used as a sealer or base coat on wood (should not be worked on or drilled).

Useful for: automobile, motorcycle, camper or heavy transport bodies, ships and in general on all varnished or enameled surfaces.

How to use: clean surfaces thoroughly. • Cover parts not to be stuccoed. • Shake can for a minute after hearing the sound of the marbles in the interior. • Spray from a distance of 30 cm. • For deep scratches apply further coats, waiting around 30 minutes between one coat and another. • The product is sandable after

around 24 hours. N.B.: product not suitable for deep scratches more than 0.8 mm. or for larger depressions.

Varnish removal: with Acetone and/or Nitre Diluent.

Comes with a self-cleaning valve.  

Spray Can
EAN Code:
8 005860 881723
400 ml