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Rat-killers and bonfire range

Top Fix

Mouse glue non-poisonous.

Top Tak

Ready-to-use baited sticky trap for rats and large mice.

Mosk Tak

Mosk-tak sticky fly trap with attractant.

Canadian Log

Alternative to traditional burning logs.

Falò Mini-Log Firelighter

To quickly light-up large pieces of wood.

Falò Ceppo PulisciCamino

It cleans the chimney from soot.

Liquid Firelighter

For charcoal and wood.


Odorless • Does not make smoke.

Firelighter Cubes

The practical system for lighting fires easily and safely.

Glass Cleaner

Removing soot deposits and smoke film from the inset fireplaces glass.

Falò Pronta Brace

Instant charcoal vegetable-based ovals

Grill and barbecue cleaner

Easily removes grease, ash and food residue.

High Temperature

Allows you to refurbish all surfaces normally subject to high temperatures

FALÒ ECOCubes fire-lighters

Natural Firestarter

FALO' Wood Wool

Wood-wool Firestarter